hacker-coder-developer-software-programmer-alphanumeric-matrixHacking is something that every one wishes to try in their life time.But not to be the prey of it.This field of Computer Science is full of enjoyment ad surprises. No one knows what comes next.Police at your doorstep or good amount of information in your hands.

I have categorised different phrases of a hacker.I hope you will enjoy reading this.


This is the stage where every one try to hack different devices without knowing the basics of it. We can call the hacker as script kiddie. In this stage every one just try to use pre existing tools to hack devices.They don’t have programming knowledge or even if they have, they don’t know how to implement it to make their own hacking scripts.One can atleast be script kiddie in his/her life.

Grown up beginners can be called as Intermediate hacker. When beginner acquire some basics knowlegde and calm themselves that hacking is not that easy as shown in movies.They know some or other programming language and can create script for themselves and can also post them on Github.

Grown up intermediate and grandfather of beginner can be called as Advanced or experienced Hacker.They are at much more higher position then we can think of. They know programming language and build various softwares for hacking.They have burnt their fats at night time learning hacking.They often discover vulnerabilities in various devices, application.Of which beginner only think that how they discover vulnerability ? Why I am  not able to dicover vulnerabilites.

These were the 3 stages of a hacker.If you want to be a good and advanced hacker who discovers vulnerabiliies, you need to devote a large amount of your time practising, learning and learning.

Patience is the key. If you don’t have the patience you will eventually get bored by the learning process. Various password cracking methods usually take upto 3-6 hrs minimum.So you need to have patience during your journey to become a hacker.

I would to conclude on this note that being hacker is not easy as it seems to be from outside. You need to wait, practice, learn ,read, follow basics , tutorials.
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