The definition of the word hacker is controversial, and could mean either someone who compromises computer security or a skilled developer in the free software or open-source movements.

A hacker is basically someone who breaks into computer networks or stand alone personal computer systems for the challenge of it or because they want to profit from their innate hacking capabilities. The hacker subculture that has developed among these new-age outlaws is often defined as the computer underground, although as of late it has evolved into a more open society of sorts. At any rate, here are the different types of hackers.

Hackers aren’t inherently bad — the word hacker doesn’t mean criminal or bad guy.Geeks and tech writers often refer to black hat, white hat and grey hat hackers.These terms define different groups of hackers based on their behavior.Hackers are classified into different types.Some of these are listed below.

White Hat security professional

A white hat ethical hacker / cracker  is somebody who has non-malevolent purpose at whatever point he breaks into security frameworks and so forth. Truth be told, countless white hat hackers are security specialists themselves who need to push the limits they could call their own IT security figures and shields or even entrance analyzers particularly procured to test out how defenseless or impervious (at the time) a present defensive setup presently is.

A white hat professional that does defenselessness appraisals and entrance tests is otherwise called a moral programmer.White Hat hacker has also good knowledge in hacking tools and know how to program hacking tools.

Grey Hat hacker

A grey hat hacker / cracker, otherwise called a wafer, is the kind of programmer that has vindictive purpose at whatever point he goes about breaking into PC security frameworks with the utilization of innovation, for example, a system, telephone framework, or PC and without approval. His vindictive purposes can extend from various types digital criminal acts, for example, theft, fraud, Mastercard extortion, vandalism, etc. He could possibly use faulty strategies, for example, conveying worms and malignant destinations to meet his finishes. A Grey Hat hacker is someone who is between White Hat hacker and Black Hat hacker.

Grey Hat normally do the hacking without the permissions from the administrators of the network he is hacking. But he will expose the network vulnerabilities to the network admins and offer a fix for the vulnerability for money.

If a gray hat hacker discovers a security flaw in a piece of software or on a website, they may disclose the flaw publically instead of privately disclosing the flaw to the organization and giving them time to fix it. They wouldn’t take advantage of the flaw for their own personal gain — that would be black-hat behavior — but the public disclosure could cause carnage as black-hat hackers tried to take advantage of the flaw before it was fixed.

Black Hat  hacker

A black hat hacker/cracker is somebody who shows qualities from both white hats and grey hats. More to the point, this is the sort of programmer that isn’t an entrance analyzer yet will feel free to surf the Internet for helpless frameworks he could misuse.

Like a white hat, he’ll advise the chairman of the site of the vulnerabilities he found in the wake of hacking through the site. Like a grey hat and dissimilar to a pen analyzer, he’ll hack any site openly and with no provoking or approval from proprietors at all. He’ll even offer to repair the helpless site he uncovered in any case for a little charge.

Black Hat hacker has also good knowledge in many hacking tools and know how to program hacking tools. A Black Hat hacker uses his skills for unethical reasons. A Black Hat hacker always has malicious intention for intruding a network.  Example: To steal research data from a company, To steal money from credit cards, Hack Email Accounts etc.

These were the classification of hackers according to their work, what they do, for whom they do.In previous article, we classified hackers on the basis of their experience, their levels.Check out that Stages of a hacker