Online video streaming giant, Youtube, has a large bulk of videos. Every day we see videos, some are good some are bad. some are for remembering, some of them are forgotten
Many of us want to download the video and keep there with us, so to access them without the internet, whenever and wherever possible.
There are a plenty of software and apps which provide u the service to download the videos. Some of them are Youtube video downloader, Easy tube, tube mate, videoder,  tubex, vid mate, and the list continues.
We have to first install apps to download videos. Why don’t we uninstall them and download videos from the browser itself?
Let’s see how we can do it without any software or app….

1. Start any video in youtube app or the browser.

2.Get the URL of the video, if you are using the app using share-> Copy Link.

3.Now open the same video in the browser by pasting the previously obtained URL.

4. Just type ”  ss ” before youtube and hit enter.

5.You have the option to download the video in any particular format. You can get it in mp4, WebM, in any quality such as 3gp,360p , 720p, 120p ,etc, etc.


5.Hit enter and video is downloading.

6. Enjoy watching youtube and reading my post.