Hi guys today I am going to tell you that how far Clash Of Clans has reached from a small game on play store to a large online game till now. Clash Of Clans is a Online multiplayer game in which players have a village of town hall level 1 which they have to build it more defensive as to not lose their trophies. As you earn more trophies by attacking on enemy’s villages by searching in multiplayer battles you are upgraded to a new league. Firstly, for bronze league you have to earn more than 400 trophies, for higher league the trophy requirements are :-

Clash of Clans Game Mechanics

The advantage of going on higher leagues is that when you attack any opponents village or base you get extra attack bonus and 2nd advantage is that whenever your shields gets run out you get extra guard which is the great time to attack because whenever you attack on opponent’s village or base in active shield your shield hours are cut out. But not in guard. There are two kinds of bases in the game :-

1. Trophy base: It is the base in which your defences and th(town hall) are put in the middle and all resource storages and collectors are put out. Whenever an opponent attacks on your base and is failed to destroy at least 50% then you get trophies deducted from the opponent.

Troops in the outside ring.

town hall 8 trophy base with bomb tower yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

2. Farming base: These bases are those in which th (town hall) is put outside the base and all resources storages and collectors are put in the middle of the base. These bases are made when the village owner has much amount of resources. For eg:-


That’s all

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