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How To Remove Write Protected From Pendrive

Pen drive's  write protection problem is a very common kind of external storage device problem. Most of the times when we want to delete some data from the pen drive or another external storage medium like memory cards or External HDD,... Continue Reading →


What is Ramsomware???How to remain safe from ransomware???

What is ransomware? Ransomware is an advanced piece of malware that blocks the victim’s access to their own files. There are two types of ransomware in circulation: Encrypting ransomware, which incorporates advanced encryption algorithms. It’s designed to block system files... Continue Reading →

Review:RedMi 3s prime vs Vivo V3 max

Hi, in today's world there is a tough competition of smartphones in the market. My friend asked me which smartphone he should buy Redmi 3s prime or Vivo v3 max. So today I am posting this article about which phone is... Continue Reading →

Upload Videos to Multiple Video Sites Like YouTube, Facebook, & Dailymotion at Once Using Vid Octopus.

There are multiple sites for uploading our creative or non-creative videos.Uploading videos on different video platforms is really a lazy work.The User has to fill same details multiple times which makes this a boring process.Why don't we change our method of... Continue Reading →

Access Blocked Website and Bypass Proxy Servers

Are you using the Internet at a school, library, or some other place that blocks or restricts web access? Mom and dad still trying to protect you from online predators, even though you're more than old enough to be one... Continue Reading →

Hide All of the Notification Numbers with the Demetricator

The reason that Facebook is so popular is because it connects us to people that we could have never been connected to before. When people log on, they look for messages, comments, likes, and any other notifications that connect us... Continue Reading →

Recover a Lost Wifi Password From Any Device.

These days, if you're having friends over, they'll probably ask to log into your Wi-Fi network before asking for a drink. But if you've forgotten your password, it can be quite hard to find, since most devices obscure the characters with... Continue Reading →

Difference b/w IPv4 and IPv6

Billions of devices communicate with each other on daily basis to send and receive data. For instance, when you access a website, you’re communicating with the server computer hosting the website. You send a request for the website and the... Continue Reading →

Types of Hackers:According to their job.

The definition of the word hacker is controversial, and could mean either someone who compromises computer security or a skilled developer in the free software or open-source movements. A hacker is basically someone who breaks into computer networks or stand... Continue Reading →

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